Friday, March 9, 2012

How to Remove Ads on Hulu

Frustrated with the increasing number of advertisments being aired on Hulu and other video hosting websites? The AdBlock Plus extension for Google Chrome blocks all commercials.

 I thought it was a fluke at first but sure enough, it's legit.

Instead of commercials, you'll just a see a black screen with white text that says something like, "Sorry, we're unable to display advertisements at this time."

In my opinion this is waaayyy better than being bombarded with obnoxious marketing messages mid-viewing.

I don't use Safari or Firefox but I read in this article that there is an AdBlock Video extension for Firefox that will do the same thing!


  1. Yea, but each of the ads it's replaced with are 30 seconds long, every time. At least with normal ads they have a chance of being less. :/

  2. True, but I'd rather have to wait longer in silence than listen to some awful garbage commercial :)

    I just wish Hulu plus did away with all commercials like Netflix does!